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January 2006 - Angelica bell with students
wearing their new HI-VIZ jackets

BE SAFE - BE SEEN this winter. This was the message given to pupils from television presenter "Angela bell", from CBBC show Xchange.

She visited Julbilee Primary School in Tulse Hill, Lambeth on Monday, the day after the clocks went back, to hand out reflective jackets to children.

Last year, 66 chiuldren were injured in road accidents in Lambeth, and the council wants to reduce this figure by making it easier for drivers to see kids.

Councillor Anthony Bottrall, Lambeth Council's executive member for education said, "Many children in Lambeth do not wear bright clothing during the winter months and are therefore at risk of becoming a casualty when crossing the road on their journey to and from school.

We hope this will encourage parents to dress their children in bright colours during the day and reflective clothing when it gets dark".

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11-03-2005 - Marine, Equestrian & Skiing

Xinteractive Clothing is preparing to launch three new product lines for the Marine, Equestrian and Skiing markets. Managing Director Edward Johnson said that preparations were well underway for the launch of these new and exciting products. For more information in advance of launch contact us.

23-02-2005 - Bags help keep older pedestrians safer

Thousands of shopping bags are being provided to elderly people in an effort to make them more visible to drivers, both during the day and at night.

The innovative SEE ME bags are the brainchild of road safety officers in the LARSOA North East region, who were looking for an effective way to cut elderly pedestrian casualties during the winter months.

The bags, which should have a long life span, are constructed from a strong white nylon, which is highly visible during daylight and incorporates a reflective strip that reflects car headlights at night - making the carrier much more visible to approaching motorists. The bag also sports a very smart SEE ME logo.

Bags help keep older pedestrians safer.

"Pedestrians are often much harder to see at this time of year when daylight visibility can be poor and there are far more hours of darkness," said Alan Kennedy, chairman of the LARSOA North East group and road safety manager for Durham County Council. "Last year, over 100 older people were involved in road traffic collisions in our region.

"The SEE ME bags are the ideal size for a small amount of shopping. They are light, easy to fold up into a pocket when not in use and are a simple, but effective way of making pedestrians more visible to traffic. The design of the bag was based on research with older people across the region."

Almost 20,000 bags have been distributed using various outlets. Age Concern has been an excellent partner in many authority areas, helping to deliver a significant quantity of to elderly folk who enjoy walking and shopping. Each bag contains an information leaflet provided by Safe Speed for Life about the importance of being conspicuous to drivers.

08-12-2004 - Be Safe - Be Seen

Starks Field Primary pupils with Hi-Viz Bags
Special high visibility school bags which help motorists spot children in the dark have been handed out at an Edmonton primary school. Up to 90 children at Starks Field Primary in Church Street have a reflective bag uniquely designed for the school by the Enfield Road Safety Partnership. The bags contained road safety information and other goodies when they were handed out to the children by road safety champion Cllr Eleftherios Savva, the Police, Ambulance and Fire Service.

Head teacher Davindar Bhalla, said; "Starks Field Primary is taking the lead in this road safety initiative. We actively support the "Be Safe, Be Seen" campaign, which encourages people, especially young children, to wear florescent clothes when out on the roads in the day, and reflective clothes when out at night." In the UK in 2002, 31 child pedestrians were killed during the winter months and 1,070 were seriously injured.

Lambeth Jubilee School with their Hi-Viz Jackets

Jubilee School at Lambeth Inner London are supplied with Xinteractive Hi Viz Kids Uniform Jackets.


Lambeth Jubilee School with their Hi-Viz jackets

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