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Hi Vis

These garments and accessories are manufactured to ISO 9001, from high quality fabrics and designed to make the wearer as noticeable as possible at night and in low light conditions. All Items are guaranteed for both wind and rain protection.

Please revisit this page regularly as we are rapidly adding other garments and accessories to this list. For child safety, stylish work wear and pedestrian road protection.

As designer and manufacturer Xinter@ctive Clothing has the facility to manufacture any garment according to clients specification. If you would like us to produce a sample please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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HI VIS Motorcycle Patches


MMotorcycle HI VIS Patches

Guide Price:

£4.00 Plus VAT each

Full quotation given based on individual art requirements.

Hi Viz jacket

Child Hi Viz Jackets:

£22.95 vat zero rated.

Fluorescent Blouse

Fluorescent Blouse:

£24.99 + vat each

Shopping Bags

Day and night with optical effects.
Shopping Bags : £1.82 + vat each
(minimum order - 1000)

School Bags

School Bags:

£5.20 + vat each

Arm Sashes

Arm Sashes - Adult/Child:

£3.99 + vat each

Bumg Bag

Bumg Bag:

£8.99 + vat each

Beanie Hats


Beanie Hats:

£6.99 + vat each

Reflective stars

Reflective stars:

£0.79 + vat each


School Bags

School Bags:

£7.99 + vat each.

Hi-Viz gloves

Hi-Viz gloves:

£4.99 + vat each pair

Stripy waistcoats

Standard waistcoat and....
Our new 'Stripy Waistcoats'

Manufactured from high quality fluorescent and polyester cotton fabrics. Please  click on image to read further instructions regarding the selection of colours All sizes for children and adults.
Price: Standard waistcoat - £6.99 + vat
Price: Stripy waistcoat - £8.50 + vat
(child or adult EN471 class 2)

Conspicuous Fleece
£19.99 EACH

Conspicuous Fleece reversable school jacket.

SIZE AGES: 4/5 6/7 8/9 10/11 12/13 14/15


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